Stop Macular Degeneration from
stealing your eyesight -
before it's too late!

Learn How to fight America's
#1 cause of blindness - and
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Dear Friend,

No matter what you've heard about Macular Degeneration, the simple truth is you don't have to go totally blind .  In the next couple minutes, you'll discover just how simple healthy vision can be.  It requires no expensive drugs and no pointless, harmful fact, you'll hardly need to leave home. 

Tragically, millions of Americans just like you are told every single day there's no hope for their eyesight.  Why?  Well frankly, the medical community is stumped when it comes to treating Macular Degeneration...Translation: they haven't come up with a pill for it that they can bottle and sell you.  So according to them, if you're hit by this disease...then tough luck for you. 

If you've been told something like that - or feel helpless and alone - take heart because real possibilities exist.  And there's no better time than now to fight the vicious spread of Macular Degeneration.  Because let's face it...once you're blind you're blind forever. darkness, never again able to see your grandson's smile as he blows out his birthday candles.  Learning to walk with a stick, feeling your way clumsily down the street.  The little things in life we take for granted but bring us such joy like gardening, golfing and even knitting turn impossible...and do you really think you have time to learn Braille? 

I'd like to show you how one man faced these fears...and how he created today's single best resource for combating the progression of America's leading cause of blindness.

He refused to throw in the towel when it
came to his vision - and you shouldn't either!

Years back, the doctors told Chet Cunningham the terrible news: He was suffering from Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).  His jaw dropped and he started to panic...especially when his doctor told him there was nothing he could do but set up a return appointment in six months.  Apparently, the doctor just expected Chet to sit there hopelessly and wait as his vision faded day by day. 

Well...the doc didn't know who he was dealing with.  As an award - winning author and researcher, Chet set out on a personal mission to find everything under the sun that had a remote chance of slowing the problem.  He dug through the books and the studies...he interviewed renowned specialists and nutritionists.  And most importantly, he sorted the junk solutions from the ones that truly worked wonders .  After all, his eyesight was at stake! 

Soon, you'll hold the results of this brilliant effort in your hands.  If you want to fight ARMD, don't panic!  Just do like Chet and ACT RIGHT NOW!  Because your eyes could be getting worse by the minute...especially if you don't have the knowledge you need.  Like...

  • Learn why the most serious strain of ARMD is the easiest to miss.  Check if you might have it - and see how to beat it...
  • These three popular meds can cause blindness!  Before you fill that prescription, check out the complete list...
  • One invisible vision threat strikes you every time you take a stroll...learn how to protect yourself...

...but beyond all, Chet's most important discovery is that there's always something you can do to fight Macular Degeneration.  In a moment, I'd like to share some of his exclusive vision - preserving secrets with you.  But first, you can't fend off your enemies without learning how they attack first, and that's just what Chet set out to do...

Don't let ARMD sneak up on you...

Maybe you're already diagnosed with Macular Degeneration...or maybe you've watched someone in your family suffer.
Well, I must tell you, even if you see perfectly for someone your age today, you could be struck with Macular Degeneration tomorrow .  It's never caused by anything you do, like straining your eyes at the TV or reading in dim light, or enjoying the sunlight longer than you should.  No, this disease just pounces on you overnight whenever it pleases...

And sometimes it sneaks up on you subtly that you hardly realize the effects until it takes total control of your eyesight.

The first sign people usually notice is a blurriness in the center of their vision, like a stain or a dark cloud.  As time goes by, this distortion usually grows and grows, until it takes over your vision for good...

And the statistics are even scarier.  The director of the National Eye Institute in Maryland said, "[Macular Degeneration] will soon take on the aspects of an epidemic."  Why?  Because one of every three of us Americans over 45 will get it .

Several surgical treatments exist for Macular Degeneration, and some pills try to stop it.  But, as Chet will point out to you, these mainstream "solutions" rarely do anything but camouflage the problem.  The chances are slim that your condition will improve at all.  In fact, things get dramatically worse for some unlucky folks -

But remember, THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO SUFFER!  Chet gives you the best practical, effective solutions for combating this national crisis on your eyes!  Discover how what you eat makes a dramatic impact on how you see , learn ways to...

  • Preserve your vision with just half a glass of this refreshingly sweet beverage -- Watch your eyes wake up - and clear up - with  a recipe.
  • Fight ARMD thanks to THIS kind of fish ...So grill it up at home or order it next time you're out for dinner...
  • Discover the one Halloween tradition that actually safeguards your eyes and can help to protect you from going blind...

Arm yourself with the real knowledge to take
on Macular Degeneration!!

You'll be glad to know the most effective treatments for keeping your eyesight (and possibly making it much, much stronger) are probably in your home right now, in your kitchen or in your cupboard.  Using them doesn't require medical expertise or boatloads of money.  You won't need your doctor's signature, either. 

Taking good care of your eyes is easy.  You'll hardly need to stand up if you don't want to...learn how to: 

  • Stop throwing away money on too many pills -- The #1 multivitamin for vision-loss has nearly every nutrient you need...
  • This age-old, world-renowned exercise fights ARMD at home - you can even do it while you're watching TV...
  • One simple technique blocks your corneas from computer screen damage - it won't cost a dime and you can do it yourself in just 30 seconds...

Of course, that's just a taste of the discoveries Chet Cunningham unearths for you.  This book covers the answers to all of your questions about sunglasses, UV rays, eye drops and more!  It even sorts out questions about other eye conditions like Macular Degeneration.  Bottom line:  Nearly everything about eyes is covered.  And Chet writes in an easy-to-read style...chock-full of informative, detailed diagrams.

Quick Tip: Totally relax your eyes with "The Classic Eyebath."  Just add a teaspoon of salt to a bowl of lukewarm water. 
Put your face in the water, covering your eyes,
and leave it for thirty seconds. Then repeat. Now your eyes should feel fresh and relaxed!

Healthy vision is not an impossible dream!

When holding The Macular Degeneration Handbook , you'll have more treatments and solutions for your vision woes at your fingertips than anyone else you know.  It's a compact, easy to use resource that you should own if you're over 45 and concerned about vision-loss. 

With Chet's valuable secrets at your disposal, I'm totally confident you can preserve great vision for you and your loved ones! 

And if your ARMD doesn't slow to a standstill
you'll get your money back - no questions asked!

Go ahead and give this book a read.  Try the simple, effective techniques and follow the advice.  Pass it around to your friends and family who might also be at risk for vision loss.  Even show your doctor if you want.  And if you're still not satisfied any time within an entire year, I insist you return it for a full refund (minus shipping).  Just give a call or send a note.  You'll get every penny back with no questions asked!

That's 365 days -- RISK FREE!  We wouldn't make this guarantee unless we were completely positive Chet Cunningham's Macular Degeneration Handbook is your one-stop solution for healthy eyesight.  And when you're seeing clearer and farther than you have in years, your everyday life will get easier and just plain happier - in ways you can't even imagine.   

Think of the possibilities.  What if you never worried at night if it will drastically worsen by morning. There'd be no more frustration or despair since you'd be doing everything you could do to combat your vision getting worse. You could garden when you want, drive anywhere and enjoy your time on that bright, sunny golf course with out the anxiety of wondering if you could be doing more.   

It's a one of a kind book and this is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.  I'm sure it'll do wonders for you and every lucky soul who reads it.  Remember, there's absolutely no risk to you .  Just simply order below to reserve your RISK FREE copy.

It can all be yours within minutes.  There's still hope for preventing or slowing vision loss! So don't wait any longer to kiss your worst vision loss nightmares goodbye!

Yours in clear eyesight,

Bruce Tennant
Agora Health Books

P.S.  Please remember, Macular Degeneration can strike you anytime - and it destroys your eyesight more and more each day you do nothing about it.  I wish it were different but simply put - your vision isn't going to just get better. In fact left on its own your vision may rapidly get worse.  There's no better time than now to get started than with this ironclad, RISK FREE opportunity.  Don't wait! Call or write today!