Not long ago, one of the nation's most respected M.D.s discovered his own, personal weight-loss miracle...For 60 years it had been sitting—ignored— in the research files of another brilliant physician...

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You know those "skinny clothes" hanging in the back of your closet? Well, get ready to bypass them altogether...Because 40 days from now—when you've dropped as much as 34 pounds—you're going to need even SMALLER sizes.

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As a matter of fact, it's so safe that one of the most respected M.D.s in the country isn't just recommending it to his patients—he's used it himself. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a step and tell you exactly how this fat-blaster works and how you can...

Take control of the mystery "disease" that's

It's called Froelich's syndrome (pronounced "fro-lick's"), and if you look it up, most sources will tell you it's a rare condition that mostly affects young boys. In these cases, it causes delayed puberty and obesity. But 60 years ago, one brilliant physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, realized that milder cases of Froelich's syndrome are much, much more common than anyone had guessed—a finding completely denied by "mainstream medicine"—and they can strike anyone, AT ANY TIME.

What happens when Froelich's syndrome hits? Well...

  • Your pants get harder and harder to button...and when you do get them on, your "love handles" creep over the top...
  • Your thighs start to look like cottage cheese...
  • You notice stretch marks where your skin used to be smooth...

Sound familiar?

Beat EVERY enemy
in the battle of the bulge!

Froelich's syndrome may be more common that anyone ever realized, but it's certainly not the ONLY factor that plays a role in those stubborn extra pounds. And if you're going to have complete, lasting success shedding them—and keeping them off—you have to target ALL the potential enemies.

You need to know...

  • How to spot—and TACKLE—the body signs that may indicate a type II diabetes tendency...
  • The answer to this important question: Could having a certain body type cause you to gain 3x more weight?

Now, you have access to the ONLY resource that can help you find out the answers...And beat every enemy in battle of the bulge!

Dr. Simeons saw the exact same symptoms over and over again. And he figured out that what kept people from losing those stubborn excess pounds—despite their best efforts— was that the fat was stuck in those all-too common "problem areas."

He knew that the first step in losing that fat was MOVING it. His first instinct was to try the same treatment used for those severe cases of Froelich's syndrome, and...

Not only did it work—it worked FAST

Within days, his patients were losing inches from their waists, hips, and thighs. Dr. Simeons' precise plan dramatically re-shaped his patients' bodies and completely dissolved the extra pounds they'd been carrying around.

His program has been put to the test time and again. Studies showing its dramatic weight loss effects have been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals out there, including the Lancet, the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

But study results can't hold a candle to REAL success stories, like...

The M.D. who lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks!

Over the years, Dr. Jonathan Wright has made it his policy never to recommend a treatment to his patients unless he's personally tested it. So when more and more people began asking him about the "amazing fat melter" they'd been hearing about, he decided to investigate. And after reading all of Dr. Simeons' research, there was only one thing left to do—try it himself.

Here's what Dr. Wright had to say about his results...

"I could hardly believe it: In 23 days I lost 12 pounds...And the weight came off just where I wanted it to come off the most—the lower abdomen."

Silence those "Negative Nellies"once and for all...
Shed FAT—not water!

Of course, he encountered a few "Negative Nellies."You know the type...The people who take one look at how much you've slimmed down in such a short time—and tell you it must've been "water weight." But Dr. Wright proved them wrong by weighing himself on something called an impedance scale.

These types of scales—which you can get in just about any Target or Wal-Mart—measure your actual body fat. And after just 12 days, Dr. Wright's scale proved that the pounds he'd shed were indeed fatnot water.

And it came off without him feeling deprived or ravenous...without running himself ragged on a treadmill...and WITHOUT any dangerous—or even uncomfortable—side effects. His own experience left him with no doubt that Dr. Simeons' weight-loss secret was well worth recommending to his patients.

But, thorough as he is, Dr. Wright didn't stop there...

It's not just about losing weight...
Learn how to keep it off—FOR GOOD

As most of us know all too well, just about anyone can lose weight (and with Dr. Simeons' virtually fail-proof technique that's truer than ever). It's keeping it off that's the real challenge. But Dr. Wright and his patients have made their success permanent by following a few simple guidelines.

None of the other diet plans will tell you about...

The 8 secrets to keeping the
weight off FOR GOOD!

The REAL test of any weight loss program is what happens after the pounds come off. And that's where most diet plans fall painfully short. They leave people in a lurch, not knowing how to live a normal life AND keep the weight off.


In addition to the natural fat-buster that helped him lose 12 pounds in 23 days, you'll get his secrets to keeping it off, including...

  • The 10,000-year-old diet that's the key to your optimum health and longevity
  • The breakfast staple you absolutely must drop from your diet today!
  • A complete checklist of the foods you should be eating for your best health (take it to the grocery store with you)
  • The only low-carb diet that is right for you...and why it won't raise your cholesterol
  • The 7 foods you shouldn't eat—EVER!
  • A list of the foods that may be contaminated by hidden, fat-spurring toxins
  • Carb-less sweet tooth solutions (and an amazing way to stamp out cravings)
  • The specific supplement regimen you need if you're on a low-carb diet

In fact, Dr. Wright carefully crafted an entire program that would guide his patients through every step of their weight loss journey...before, during, and—even more importantly—AFTER.

And now, for the very first time, you can get all the details of this exclusive program in a single, convenient resource: Dr. Wright's Starvation-Free and Gym-Free Weight Loss Secret.

Inside the pages of this guide, you'll find out...

  • How to prepare for Dr. Simeons' technique...These instructions ensure that you set yourself up for ultimate weight loss success.
  • How you could lose even MORE weight than Dr. Wright in the same amount of time. And...
  • How to tweak your diet to be absolutely certain that the weight never comes back!

Once again, let me make it perfectly clear that this ISN'T a "magic pill"...Dr. Simeon's technique is a carefully designed, scientific program. And since it works so quickly, you should work with a doctor. That's something you'll never hear from the hyped-up fly-by-night diet hucksters...But the fact is, getting the support of a healthcare professional is one little extra step that may make all the difference in getting you the best results—and maximum fat blasting—possible.

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Matthew Simons, Publisher
Nutrition & Healing

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