China's great healing Master reveals his astonishing


The complete and definitive cookbook of cures, from the living Master of a 2,500-year-old healing science. More than 200 recipes, targeting each of our modern health nightmares with the exact combination of foods shown to heal it:

  • CLEAR YOUR ARTERIES by adding a new flavor to your meals...
  • BANISH CANCER by sipping a delicious Chinese soup...
  • STOP OSTEOPOROSIS by skipping a common ingredient...
  • FIND THE CURE FOR DIABETES hidden on the produce counter...

Try all these quick & easy healing recipes RISK-FREE!

Dear Reader,

FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, China's great healing Masters have known a secret that Western doctors are just starting to discover. The cures to the world's great plagues aren't in your medicine chest...

They're hiding in your pantry! Beyond drugs, vitamin supplements or any other pill...

Nothing else even comes close to the life-giving power of FOOD.

Now, for the first time ever, China's great living Healing Master has agreed to reveal all his most celebrated food cures, in the most important book of its kind ever published:

The most life-saving cookbook you'll ever own

Here, in one incredible volume, are more than 200 life-giving, healing meals from China's legendary Master FaXiang Hou. Revered in Asia, Master Hou is winning fame in the West as well...

With uncanny speed, he is able to clear up heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, migraine headaches, emphysema, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other health nightmares...

Precisely targeting each disease with the exact foods shown to heal it!

Already, many medical doctors, film stars, sports heroes, and other Westerners in the know have traveled thousands of miles to be healed by Master Hou.

But now you can experience his healing miracles without even leaving your home

Because now you'll have all the very same recipes that Master Hou prescribes for his famous patients and prepares for himself. With more than 340 pages, Unleashing the Power of Food is your ultimate guide to cooking the world's healthiest meals:

  • So packed with mouthwatering recipes, it could become your favorite cookbook!
  • So easy to use, you'll soon whip up fabulous meals in 10 minutes or less!
  • So powerful, they often start working in JUST TWO WEEKS!

And I'm delighted to announce that we have arranged for you to be among the first to have it. Just RSVP today to preview it risk-free. And find out...

Why Master Hou's food cures work so much better than Western "diets"

First of all, they're not diets. They don't deprive you of "forbidden" foods you can't help loving.

You see, when a Western doctor puts you on a diet, it's all about cutting stuff out. Cut out the fat. Cut out the calories. Cut out the meat. Cut out the carbs. Cut out the fun. No wonder nobody sticks to those diets!

But Chinese food healing isn't about eliminating foods....

It's about combining the foods you love to UNLOCK THEIR HEALING POWER

For example, instead of forbidding red meat, Master Hou shows you how to combine it with other foods - in recipes that actually make meat healthier.

Master Hou calls this the "yin-yang" effect. It's kind of like the perfect marriage. When the right folks meet each other, they both become stronger and more complete people.

So instead of denying your desires, these recipes totally satisfy you. Balancing one food with another, they bring your whole body into healthy balance. As a result, these food cures can do much more than any conventional diet. They're not just a few years ahead of Western medicine...

When it comes to healing with food, CHINA

As you'll discover on page 17, Master Hou is the living inheritor of 2,500 years of careful observation and continuous discovery by healing Masters before him. And, starting on page 247, he'll put an entire awesome legacy in your hands - with a comprehensive, A-Z guide to more than 70 different curative foods, including:

  • Fabulous Fruit That Fights Diabetes. Long praised by the ancients, this exotic treat is now proven to increase the number of insulin-producing cells in your pancreas. Page 255
  • Yummy Nuts That Cure Fatigue. Harvested from the Chinese lotus, they also help you sleep better without leaving you drowsy in the morning. Page 274
  • Chinese Berries That Lower Blood Pressure and reduce cholesterol! Page 280

Most of the foods in Master Hou's "cornucopia of cures" are easy to find, but...

You'll never have trouble finding any ingredient

Because your book also includes a handy Resource Directory . Just call one of the toll-free numbers here and even the hardest-to-find Chinese vegetables, fruits and delicacies will be rushed to your door!

The real fun begins on page 29, where you'll find the amazingly easy recipes for:


They're so delicious, you may not want to tell your family these are actually curative recipes. Just serve up the best Chinese cooking they've ever tasted - and smile at the compliments!

Does your gang go for beef, lamb or pork? Great! Now you've got...

Dozens of Hearty Family-Pleasing Dinners!

Meat's the bad boy of Western medicine, but China's healing Masters know nothing is bad in itself. Let Master Hou show you how to unlock the curative power in these foods, by serving up:

  • BACON IN BLACK BEAN SAUCE. Yes, even bacon's okay! In fact, by combining bacon with leeks, this recipe is your ticket to healthier arteries!
  • BEEF WITH BAMBOO SHOOTS. Rebuild bones and build stronger muscles with this quick dish! The bamboo shoots "balance out" the beef and unleash its strengthening powers.
  • MINCED PORK WITH MELON. In minutes, you've got a spouse-thrilling dinner that actually lowers blood sugar. Master Hou calls it the "ideal food for diabetes!"

You can enjoy these meals just for their tasty goodness or target them at special health problems:

  • Weak from illness? Let EGG WITH PORK STRIPS rev up your energy levels!
  • Overactive bladder? Quiet it down with fall-off-the-bone tender STEWED LAMB LEG!
  • Menstrual pain? Soothe it away with LAMB STRIPS WITH ONION!
Sensational Seafood Delights!

Western doctors are just starting to understand the miraculous healing powers in seafood. But Master Hou's ancestors knew this for centuries. Now he'll show you how to...

  • Lower your blood pressure with scrumptious SHRIMP IN TOMATO SAUCE.
  • Trim your waistline as you dig into delectable STIR FRIED SALMON.
  • Fight osteoporosis and help your body absorb calcium by enjoying PERCH WITH MUSHROOM.
Then Check Out The Great News About Chicken!
  • Want to sharpen your eyesight? Chomp into wonderful CHICKEN WITH WALNUTS!
  • Or peel off pounds? Dig into spicy CHICKEN WITH HOT GREEN PEPPERS!

Or, if you like, relax and simply sip away pain and disease with...

Soothing soups that cook up in as little as 5 minutes
  • Imagine cutting your cholesterol with PORK SPARERIB SOUP!
  • Or fighting cancer as you strengthen your immune system with HERBED LAMB SOUP!

And it's just as easy to prepare Master Hou's healing teas and tonics! My own favorite is his delicately fragrant Almond Tea. It cleanses your body of chemical poisons and oh, is it comforting on a cold night.

Plus, of course, you'll find:

More than 60 meatless masterpieces

In the West, meatless cuisine can be ho-hum - but in China, it's a high art! Find out how exciting and satisfying vegetarian meals can be, as you feast your way to total health with:

  • SESAME SPINACH. In as little as 5 minutes, the perfect dish to prevent hypertension.
  • EGG AND TOMATO SAUTE. Tastes terrific and helps your loved ones fight off hepatitis.
  • AVOCADO WITH TOMATO. The most delectable tummy-soother you'll ever try!
  • MIGHTY GARLIC MUSHROOMS. A cancer-fighting quickie that you can enjoy any night!

Then, whenever your loved ones are threatened by major illness, your new book will provide you with...

Complete 7-Day menu planners for beating the world's deadliest ailments

Each section targets a different condition. And each contains its own special 7-day menu, with delicious selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus detailed instructions from Master Hou. So now you'll have the ultimate food cures to help you...

  • CONQUER CANCER. You'll banish carcinogens from your body and help repair damage they may have already done...while savoring Sparerib and Green Bean Soup, Vegetable Fried Rice, Lamb with Carrot and many other immune-enhancing recipes.
  • HEAL HEART DISEASE. Before the doctor says "bypass surgery," try this high-powered food cure first! You knew the right foods can reduce cholesterol, but you never dreamed what miracles Master Hou's meal plan can do for your arteries. You could slash your LDL levels, get more life-giving blood flowing to your heart and dramatically drop your risk of future attacks.
  • DIAL DOWN DIABETES. Controlling blood sugar is so much easier when the foods you eat actually lower it. Let Master Hou show you how to drop your need for insulin or diabetes drugs... while dining on Butterfish with Garlic, Lamb Saute, Pork with Mushrooms and many more, utterly satisfying selections.
  • NORMALIZE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE FOREVER. If you're watching your salt intake, great, but there's much more you can do with food. Balance your intake of meats, vegetables and fruit as suggested on page 296...avoid raw meats like the plague...and don't miss the juices and teas on page 299!
  • DROP UP TO 20 POUNDS OR MORE in the next two months! You may feel like you're actually eating more, because Master Hou's meal plan emphasizes foods that fill you up. But the fat will melt away day by day - and you'll lose an inch or two (or more) from your waist.

Plus Master Hou's complete protocol for ending arthritis pain...

Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid swelling or gout, Master Hou can help you reduce the joint pain, cut stress on your cartilage, block flare-ups before they happen. He'll even show you how to drink away pain and swelling with a secret Chinese herbal tonic. And you'll also get...

Many more healing meal plans...

Starting on page 287, you'll find fifteen more menus to help you overcome many other threats, including cystitis, hepatitis, bronchitis, chronic stomach complaints, anemia and Alzheimer's disease!

And tips to unlock the healing power IN EVERY MEAL YOU MAKE...

Then Master Hou will show you how to apply his principals to put more healing power in all your cooking, no matter what kind of cuisine!

You'll learn how to personalize your meals to suit your body-type. Do you sweat easily? Always feel thirsty? On page 18, you'll crack this code and find out what your body needs.

And discover how to heal yourself with flavor! Ever wondered why you crave salty food sometimes... while other times you yearn for sweets? Learn how to use this secret to create your own curative recipes. See page 12!

Plus you'll learn:

  • Techniques for cooking any food to retain more of its natural healing powers. Page 25
  • How to wash and peel fruits and vegetables so they release more life-giving nutrients. Page 25
  • How to nullify the toxic effects of pesticides and herbicides. Page 25
  • How to outsmart diseases by scheduling your meals a little differently. Page 27
  • Why you feel hungrier in winter and why you must indulge that desire. Page 12

Handy double index and more...

And there's so much more I could tell you about! Like the ultra-convenient index. Every recipe is indexed by its title and by the category. So you'll instantly find any food you want or a dish that is perfect for any occasion.

But there's no space to describe all the healing tools you'll find in this book. So let me invite you now to evaluate it for yourself, risk-free...

Cook with it for 1 year, risk-free!

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Then get cooking immediately. Just start using this miraculous book and I promise you'll taste the difference immediately, feel incredibly better, and hear a lot of compliments from your family. Or simply return it within 1 year and you'll get your money back (minus shipping), with no questions asked. So what have you got to lose?


Matthew Simons
Nutrition and Healing

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